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I started out as a graduate in architecture back in the 80s, creating interiors for kids. I knew I loved working with my hands and everything around me Inspired me to draw.

With a twist of fate a few years later, I found myself running my own design label “Shades” where I made custom outfits for women.
Even though I did this for 22 years, I feel it was another phase that was ultimately leading me to my final avatar as an artist.

I think I was an artist all along, just looking for the right medium to vocalize my thoughts.
Art finally came to me only a handful of years ago, but it flowed through me effortlessly, I think I’ve found a sense of belonging in this world.

I’m high on life, and searching for new experiences. I find inspiration in everything: from the smile of a child on the street, to an abstract that can capture the complexity of emotion.

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Preeti Kodesia
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